Who Doesn't Love the Mountains?

Driving up to the mountains from the San Francisco Bay Area was always a treat. The first thing we would do once we were in the pine trees, was to roll down the windows in our car, whether there was snow on the ground or not.

There is something pristine about the mountains. The crystal clear waters, the fresh pine air. Who wouldn’t want to move here?

Well, that’s what we did nine years ago. Both of us grew up in the SF Bay Area suburbs. We each had a love for the mountains. Mine, from going camping with my friends to places like Boards Crossing, on highway 4, and Arlene’s from her Family’s, off-the-grid property on King’s Hill Ranch, in Placer County.

Taking our children tent camping every year to places like Edison Lake, Yosemite, Fowlers near Mt. Shasta, and Silver Fork, outside of Kyburz. We thought we knew what to expect living in the mountains and forests, but we really didn’t.

It wasn’t easy making the jump. We had never lived in the country before, but when we started looking at the homes we could afford in these mountainous areas, we were hooked.

We started this website five years ago. We had sold it and we just purchased it back. If you look through the blog archives you will see they are all dated back more than three years. The object was clouded over and lost after awhile, and we would like to bring it back to what it was intended for, which is to talk about the differences between San Francisco Bay Area life, and life inside a Pine Tree Forest of the Sierra-Nevada.

We’ll talk about the good and the bad, the problems and the pleasures. We’ll share Arlene’s love of cooking, and the photography from both of us. We’ll introduce you to the people we have met, the businesses we have done business with, the volunteering, the non-profits, the Farmer’s Markets and the County Fair, just to name a few.

We’ll take you on Jeep trips where we tread lightly on forest roads, and we’ll need your help to cut and split wood before Winter.

So kick off your shoes, so you don’t bring any dirt into the house, and we’ll take it from there.

Sierra Nevada Alliance