Cool Down, Smule Down……Day 6 over 100 degree’s here in the forest :(

Our swamp cooler (bless it’s heart) has been running nearly non-stop, I have been getting up around 3am to check the outside temp and if it’s the same as inside the house I will shut the swamp cooler off. (Thankfully, unlike the valley of California, it has cooled down below 80 degree’s every night)

We have learned to sleep with the swamp cooler on, once you close your eyes you can pretend it’s an old steam locomotive off in the distance running at about 55mph, (kaaa-clug, kaclug kaclug kaclug, kaaa-clug kaclug kaclug kaclug). I did not have a problem sleeping and I’m a lite sleeper but it sure is nice to turn it off.

The other thing I have found this week is to cover all, ALL of the light coming in. We have pull down window shades under our venting skylights and do not think because you have dual pane windows that they will keep out all of the heat. I went into “black out” mode during our hottest days (pulling the shades down or completely covering every window on the sun side (South facing) On Thursday we hit 104 at 2pm (our hottest time as the sun starts to go behind trees at 2:45) and the house was at 77degrees inside, nearly two degrees cooler than the none black out day which wasn’t as hot out.

Anyway, they say a cool down is on it’s way,…that’s if you consider 90’s a cool down 😉

ps-one other thing I found out about the swamp cooler, if you turn it to HIGH it will dry out the straw in about ten minutes and will then turbo fill the house with hot air (I will still turn it to high during the day but for only a couple of minutes at a time)




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