Forest Living Allergies

Raising our family in the Tri-Valley area of the San Francisco Bay Area, seasonal allergies from grasses and trees came around every spring. To get some relief we would go camping but now that we have moved here we both have hay-fever pretty much year round.

Because we didn’t get allergies while camping I didn’t think it would be an issue when we moved here. They say up here at the 3,000ft level, hay-fever is mostly caused from the oak trees but I have to point a big finger at the pine trees because it is almost year round. I don’t get the itchy eyes like with the grass allergies but I do get a runny nose and sniffles about every fourth day or so.

I’ve heard similar stories from our neighbors who say they grew out of it after a few years, well, we are still waiting. They are not severe allergies just annoying. We have found through a simple way to combat them is with a generic, over-the-counter, store brand, (same ingredients as name brand), not name brand allergy medication.

The ones we currently have are a 10mg antihistamine. They are non-drowsy, non-jittery, 24 hour relief. They come any where from 90-120 in a bottle for the same price as 10-12 name brand and do just as good a job.

The allergies we have are not debilitating or make you feel like you have a cold, they are just simple runny noise, annoying allergies. They are just something else you put up with to live here in the pine tree forest, like mosquitoes…..but that’s another story….;)

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