Septic Systems – The Three P’s

Septic Systems – The Three P’s (What to know about Septics)

Taking care of a septic system is much more important than most people think. If the drainage system fails you will likely have to replace the system and this can be very expensive plus proper maintenance lowers the risk of contaminating your well water

An inspection of your septic tank may be required by lenders when you refinance or sell your home and septic inspectors will tell you that you need to have it cleaned every three to five years. We have had neighbor’s that were original owners for 35 years and had never had it cleaned.

In any case there are simple things you can do to keep your septic system running properly. Start with the Three P’s-Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper,…Nothing Else or at least not too much of anything else. You shouldn’t need any additives if you follow these rules but there are other things to think about.

Too much water can fail the system, too many baths in one day, too many loads of laundry in one day for example. It depends on the size of your system as well and how many people is was built for. Be careful of putting anything down the drain besides the three p’s. Chlorine in the laundry and even things that say septic safe. We don’t even use the garbage disposal very much, we put the food in the garbage instead.

Also be aware of the leach/drain field and where it is located. Do not plant deep routed trees in or around the field.

Seems like a lot but to remember but it’s only a change in priorities when you move to the County…Trust me ;).

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