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Lake Anna and the Long-Bow

Life can be funny sometimes. Lately, the more I just accept what happens and go with the flow instead of trying to fight and swim against the prevailing currents, the more perfect synergy I find. And so it was this weekend.

I was just sitting around late Thursday pondering how I might spend a free weekend when a message from a friend from pretty much out of nowhere had me scrambling and packing and headed to the Trinity Alps just about twelve hours later.

Two important attire items were mixed into this trip for testing: these were my new trail runners and my new ankle brace for my suddenly-barking-again left ankle. If these didn’t do the job I expected, I’d have serious concerns about my long-term future as a backpacker.

The itinerary for this trip offered a tailor-made chance for me to really test my ankle and new footwear, as the main goal was to try to find and successfully navigate the off-trail overland route from Boweman Meadow via Long Canyon up to Lake Anna, which is nestled high in the steep and rugged alpine reaches of the Trinity Alps.

The hike in from Long Canyon to Boweman Meadow had us working hard from the truck, and as late Friday afternoon approached we hit the meadow and a place for camp after ascending 2,200′ in four and-a-half miles, settling in at 5,680′.

The combination of fog inversion from Trinity Lake below and smoke from the numerous wild fires of early August left a haze in the southeastern sky until the very moment of high evening twilight. As dark fully set in and stars began to burst forth, populating the sky in fierce numbers and breathtaking beauty, we sat in the quiet dark of the meadow witnessing the most spectacular meteor shower I’ve ever seen. Numerous bright, lighting-fast shooters streaked through the night sky.

Then, the waning moon slowly began to rise and peak out from behind a steep, jagged granite rock face, offering at first only glimpses, but then breaking full above and casting another pale glow, as if from another high evening twilight, across the entire viewshed above us.

These evenings are sacred, magical, solemn, and priceless. As morning began to knock on my eyelids, I could not help but savor the memories and their importance.

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