Eclipse 2017 by GCP

Just let me say that we were not going to photograph the eclipse today but when Arlene shouted “It’s Starting!”, my switch flipped to ON! I suddenly thought, “I wonder if I can capture it?”. I had an 8 stop filter but they say your are suppose to have a 10 stop. Okay, well,….let’s do it!

I set up my camera on the tripod but the sun was still below the tree tops so I had to pick out the sun in the openings. I took about ten shots at different settings and quickly took them inside to see how they looked. I did this about 5 or 6 times but I was still getting too much flare from the sun, so I thought, I’m set as much as I can on the camera is there anything else I can do? PING, (lightbulb went on!) “I have another filter of that same size, I wonder if I can double them up?”


So I did, I put two filters on the lens which now gave me somewhere around 10 stops (camera talk). Now I had to figure out the settings again. So, another 10 shots and run into the house (it’s now been about a half an hour and I have 15 minutes to go for maximum eclipage). I found out that the two filters gave a double purple reflection when I pointed straight at the sun so I thought, “I’ll just shoot the sun off of center and crop out the reflections” (best I could do) SO with time running out I went back out.

Even with the special glasses, I had to keep putting them down to see the camera (which was now behind a bunch of red spots ;). I set up a remote and continued to take pictures with different iso settings. In the mean time Arlene went around shooting shadows until we both noticed how BEAUTIFUL the sky was.

Anyway, we did it, it was fun and we hope you enjoy them 😉 Now, can we get on with our lives please 😉


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  1. Too funny!
    I was driving home when the eclipse was gearing up. I didn’t go outside to see exactly but the light certainly looked strange. To me, it all looked like a nuclear fallout kind of light. Kind of eerie and ominous.


    1. Nuclear fallout, Ha! Remember “Duck & Cover”? The school would sound the alarm, the teacher would call out “Duck and COVER” and as she drew the curtains closed on that wall of windows, we would all get under our desks and cover our eyes and the back of our necks……like that was going to help during a nuclear attack. I much more preferred nap time when us guys would “nap” on our blankets next to each other and the teacher would break us up by pulling us on our blankets to the other side of the room 😉

      1. Ha! Ha! By the time I came along it was the earthquake problem. We did the same duck and cover under the desks with the curtains pulled etc. Like the ceiling wouldn’t fall in onto the desks and squash us like bugs!

        And frankly, I think everyone could benefit from nap time with towels and their buddies close by for a little bit of laughter, juice and cookies!

  2. I just received from an “Expert” that YES (on the large photo of the sun) those are the actual burning gasses of the sun. (captured with a 70mm lens 😉

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