Edwards Crossing – Nevada County – “for the last time?”

Edwards Crossing, for the last time?

Edwards Crossing is a bridge over the South Yuba River a few miles East of Nevada City. The bridge itself is over one hundred years old and is no longer capable of holding the weight of forest fire equipment. We had heard a rumor that the bridge was going to be replaced so we thought, on a well-needed weather break Friday, that we would go take a few photos.

As we are taking photos from the bridge a gentleman passes us with a safety vest on, he comments on what a nice day it is to take pictures.

Turns out he was a surveyor for the replacement project. He told us that the most recent plans were to build a new bridge a couple of hundred yards upstream and to keep the old one as a walking bridge. “No kidding” I replied, “That’s great news”. With that we finished shooting from the bridge and headed to a trail which led downstream, about a half mile, to a creek and waterfall.

(Above: Check this out, modern technology in the day. The only place this bridge is connected is at that hinge point at the bottom)

(Below: Flowers along the trail)

The South Yuba starts up at the summit or at Donner Pass but it restarts at Lake Spaulding.

It’s always fun catching kayakers. The trail is a bit narrow but it’s also pretty flat and level with a few small exceptions.

(I used an adjustable 2-8 stop ND filter for these, they are both 4 second shots)

(Above: Spring Creek)

We did not cross the creek to get to the waterfall as it was running pretty darn fast itself but we did have a great time on a beautiful day.

All photographs by Gold Country Photography

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