Entering a fair exhibit…

We love the county fair, it brings back memories, everyone is having a good time, the rides, the food and yes even the exhibits. Arlene and I have never entered anything in an exhibit before so we thought we would change that. The Nevada County Fair is coming up in August, we have read the rules, filled out the paperwork and picked out 4 photos (two each) which we are entering into the photography exhibit…..so exciting. It’s not exciting because we think we are going to come in first or win anything, the excitement comes from being brave enough to have your work viewed by the public 😉  

If you are anywhere near Grass Valley Aug 9-13 we invite you to come to the Nevada County Fair. It’s a beautiful fair grounds, the people are great and you will know someone who has a photography exhibit entry….can’t beat that 😉– http://nevadacountyfair.com/fair/order-tickets/

photo by Gold Country Photography (this is not a photo we are entering 😉

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