Everyone has their “secret spots”…..

….and this one is ours. Before this next storm hits, Arlene and I thought we would go see it. The pavement runs out about 1 1/2  miles before you get there and it is usually passable by any 2 wheel drive vehicle but this time, (because of all of this year’s rain), we were glad we took the Jeep. Even in 4wd there was a spot about 100ft long, knee deep in mud, with a rutt going across it half way through which stopped any momentum we had, which caused us to eek with the fear of getting stuck and the fun of making it through. Coming out on the other side and getting to these beautiful little places is why we off road. Not to tear up the terrain but to see the terrain that others …..well……don’t 😉

all photos by GCP

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