Fun with Photo Editing

I use a Mac (let’s not discuss why, I just do) and Mac use to have a photo editor called iPhoto (must be kidding, Apple named something starting with a small “i”??) anyway, it is a very basic editor and I do not recommend it to anyone (I go back now and revert the photos I edited with it and almost always the original looks better than the edited version)

Anyways again, I purchased a full frame camera, starting shooting in RAW and I wanted more editing control so I bought  Adobe Lightroom 6. To me editing is half of photography and to master either you would need 10,000 hours in each. Well, I don’t even think I have 1,000 in either which makes discovering things…..Fun. Recently I have been trying for a  Norman Rockwell effect.

To me “Getting There” is all of the fun!

(The top photo was only edited in Lr 6, the lower photo was a combination of three photos, one being a HDR)

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