Honing Your Eye

When I first took up photography I had this idea that everywhere I looked, every square inch, there could be a great photo if it was framed right or had the right light or angle. Now (after almost driving myself crazy framing everything I looked at) I know that it is more of an acquired thing.

and it’s just like everything else, 10,000 hours to master. Except with photography I don’t think you ever stop learning. First you need to know how your equipment works because as they say, “photos on auto are just ordinary photos”.

So after I learned how to use Arlene’s camera, I got myself one and proceeded to shoot only in manual, not P or A (Nikon) or auto iso even. Yes it’s a lot more work and yes I do mess up a lot but I am starting to get the general settings memorized for different situations.

Beyond the equipment is not only light which is the most important thing but your own perspective. The law of three’s really works for me as well as a pie shaped angle against a 180 degree plain but it’s also more than that.

It’s acquiring an eye for great photography. I recommend, if you are just starting out, to join https://500px.com/home simply to hone your photographic eye to what you would like your photography to look like. You will find that you are not the worst and that you will never be as good as the best so just remember this, whatever it is it’s your own artistic interpretation 😉

photos by Gold Country Photography



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