Janet Martinez Photography and the wildfires around Bass Lake, Ca

Janet lives in Bass Lake, Ca in Madera County. Recently we posted her photos of “The Beast” a nickname she gave the Railroad fire which is just North of her home. Now, the Mission fire has started just a couple of miles South in the small community of North Fork, Ca.

Janet is understandably nervous but she tells me that her and her husband have been through this before and they are prepared to evacuate. While they wait and watch and constantly check the fire reports, Janet does what she does best,…her photography.

The photos below are Janet’s actual Facebook posts, you can find her on Facebook at – facebook.com/janetmartinezphotography and at her photography website – janetmartinezphotography.com


” Watching these men maneuvering their flying machines you realize how very expert they are at what they do. Today, dipping in to Bass Lake, they were fighting the Mission Fire in Northfork. They are my heroes of the day, all of them “.


“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!” ~ John Muir

This morning the greeting is orange as we sip our coffee on the deck in the smoke filled sky. Hoping for good news soon.

Happy Sunday!


” Beauty and the Beast! Let us not forget to also thank these fearless fighters that fly above us and straight into the heart of the Beast. Thank you to all that you risk to keep us safe”. ❤️#Railroad Fire 8/31/2017


” Devastation! ” – Mission Fire in North Fork – 9/3/17


” I spent a couple of hours watching these amazing firefighters battling the beast today. I am in awe. They deserve our very most heartfelt thanks for what they do. I don’t know any of them but I can honestly say that I love them. Thank you guys from all of us praying that you win the battle swiftly “. Mission Fire


” To see this giant plane (VLAT) coming to the rescue brought me to tears. No words can express the emotion of seeing the devastation of an area where friends are losing their homes. Thanks again to our amazingly skilled firefighters in the air! “ ❤️ North Fork, CA 9/3/17


Please do not think anything about this post except that this is a very brave person taking photos of the devastation happening all around her of the area she absolutely loves.

We who have put our houses in the middle of the foothill, forest and mountain areas of California know the risks, this does not change however the feelings of fear and despair when something like a wildfire hits close to home.

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