Janet Martinez Photography – Madera County

We have been following Janet for some time now, her work can be purchased in our “SHOP” menu item. Janet has agreed (after some arm twisting, I think she’s shy 😉 to be a guest blogger with us. I told her it’s nothing more than what you already do when you post one of your fabulous photos. As you will see below, she writes a somewhat poetic explanation when she posts a photo and Fantastic landscape photography it is.

“Finding myself unconsciously taking the road less traveled, I realize that my inner self knew that I was craving the beauty and peace in the foothills.The warm evening air smelled delicious as ground squirrels scurried across the road. Birds were flying home to their nests too. The sun was rapidly retreating to it’s western horizon but believe me, I took in all the beauty as I meandered up the winding road that lead me home.” – http://janetmartinezphotography.com

Isn’t that GREAT?? Thank you Janet!!

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  1. I love Janet’s passion for her photography. She posted a picture of Little Lakes Valley that captured one of my favorite memories and I was hooked! I wake up to her print every morning!!

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