Joe Dondelinger Photography – Foresthill, Ca – Placer County

We met Joe a year ago on Instagram. He’s a fabulous landscape photographer who specializes in night time and long exposure photography. I recently wanted to try a “Galaxy” shot so I messaged Joe if he knew of a good place to go, he told me of a place up on Donner Summit (the mountain summits have less ambient light and less atmosphere) and he told me about what time at night (when the moon is on the other side), what time of the month to take it (least amount of moon) and that you wanted to take it over a beautiful landscape to top it off.

Well, we went and checked out the spot he suggested but that’s as far as we got. The photo below is at that same spot taken by Joe just a few days ago (I don’t think I even want to try now 😉

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This is from Joe’s Facebook post

“Devils Delight.”
Here is an image I took of Devils Peak on a guys trip into the wilderness from last Saturday night in Soda Springs, California. This shot did indeed take a bit of planning and scouting prior to the shoot. The sunset earlier was absolutely incredible, but as day turned to night and the clouds kept rolling in from the east I was a bit worried that I would be missing the shot of the Milky Way as it lined up with Devils Peak. Well it turned out that the sky cleared just in time enough to allow the Milky Way to shine through making for a somewhat dramatic effect with the clouds combined with the orange glow that is the light pollution coming from the Sacramento Valley. This photo very much portrays the peace and solitude that was experienced that night which is what I love most about these Milky Way shooting missions! Camera: Sony a7R2 Lens: Canon 16-35mm f2.8 USMII

Photo Property of Joe Dondelinger Photography

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