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I would like to introduce a new member to our Forest Living California family, Mz Kelly Howell. Kelly is a Wife, Mother, Professional Photographer and soon to be Guest Blogger who hails from Placerville, California in El Dorado County.  

Kelly’s photography is called “Family Documentary Photography”

How Do You Want to Tell Your Story?

Can’t get your family in one place at one time, happy and willing to participate in photographs? Me too. As a mom of a two year old I know that even getting him to sit still is a difficult task. I like to see real moments in photos of my family. Although posing and matching clothes are cute, I love the no stress, just candid, authentic moments! My goal is to create photo documentaries of families that are not perfect, but real. The photos I create are spirited, casual, connected and authentic. They are original, one of a kind artwork of your family.

What is Family Documentary Photography?

If you are looking for a stress free way to have authentic family photographs of your day you may want to connect with me. I am a parent just like you looking for one less thing to worry about when I am hosting a birthday party or planning a trip to the zoo. I also noticed, after looking at some of my son’s 1st year albums, that I am not in most of the pictures. I really dislike that. It becomes an album of just Dad and son. I think the whole family, doing regular family things together is what children remember the most.  

When I think about my own childhood photographs, I think the spontaneous ones of me riding my bike or playing with my friends are the best! Those photographs are nostalgic. I remember the feeling of the place, the smell, the conversation with friends or the hugs I shared with family. My goal is to capture the same moments and connections I remember with my family with yours because that’s what it’s like to really be you!

Your family is valuable and so are the photographs of them –




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