Nevada City Aerial Photography: Highway 49 Crossover Bridge by Coruscating Images

Boy, I will never get tired of these 😉

” I was fortunate enough to beat last week’s weather and make it up to a place I have been longing to get too. Nevada City and the famous Highway 49 Crossover Bridge.  A peak at Nevada City Aerial Photography like you’ve never seen it before, this was the perfect day to film.

I have recently been scouting out Sacramento and its surrounding areas historic bridges, and this was at the top of my list.  Coruscating Images specializes in Nevada City Aerial Photography, and this was my day on the South Yuba River.” –

” Coruscating Images has been working hard to bring citizens and communities together through the use of Art in the Sky, focusing in particular on Sacramento and its surrounding areas.

By showing these historic landmarks rich in history  it will encourage more people to get involved in the agencies who work so hard to preserve them.  Even restoring these places for families, along with people who enjoy the outdoors.  For more Nevada City Aerial Photography, be sure to check my future blogs on this amazing place.” –

Nevada City Aerial Photography: Visit Nevada City

Nevada City and its surrounding areas are becoming a very popular destination for hikers, outdoors lovers, and many people looking for some of the most scenic landscapes Northern California has to offer.

@VisitNevadaCity on instagram has been doing an amazing job highlighting the cities events, and popular destinations.  I encourage everyone to visit their website here to see how you can become more involved, or to plan your trip up there!

Aerial Video: South Yuba River Highway 49 Crossing from Coruscating Images on Vimeo.


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