TBT – Black and White photography

It’s not like the film days where you used black & white film, now you either remove all the saturation or just click a B&W preset in your editor. I edited these into B&W just to see how they would look, I also added a slightly discolored border with a date at the bottom just like the old black and white Kodak pictures my parents had 😉

Black & White photography is an art, some photographers love it but I find that most viewers do not.

I do not particularly care for it myself but it was fun trying to make these look like old Kodak pictures 😉

The top photo is downtown Grass Valley during a car show taken last year. The old truck with the horse in the back was from the Draft Horse Classic at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. The third photo is of the Empire Mine State Park “Office Building”.

Some photographers can shoot anything in B&W and make them look fantastic, I find I like old things in black and white, (I call this photo “Yard Art”)

I don’t know if you can tell but I also added a lot of “grain” to make this look like those rougher than matt finish photos from days gone by.

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