“The Beast” – photos by Janet Martinez – Madera County

Janet is a photographer in Madera County. She knew this Summer was going to be tough, the area started out with over one million dead pine trees. Now another fire has started, the Railroad Fire. Already at over 2,000 acres. Janet has captured the fire with a heavy heart but sometimes….that is what great photographers have to do. – http://janetmartinezphotography.com

“I’ve named this “The Beast of Railroad Fire”. That’s what it is. I am having a hard time showing these types of photos but as my dear friend just reminded me, as a photographer, we shoot the good and the bad. This isn’t Houston, for sure, but this is as bad as it gets for me here in our beloved forest. “We are now in the mountains and they are in us.” ~ John Muir
Praying for all who are fighting this beast and for all who are in harm’s way.”- Janet Martinez


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