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Arlene and I decided to beat the heat here in Grass Valley last Tuesday by taking Gold Country Photography and Forestlivingcalifornia on a quiet, meandering rafting trip on the Truckee River, we didn’t know we were also going to get a Workout 😉

I saw an ad on Instagram by for what they called $20 Tuesday so I went to their website and I called for more info. I asked Arlene if she would like to go and after a minute she said, “Sure”. So I went back to their website and made reservations which was easy as pie, as for the actual trip?…Well, you can read about it in my actual Yelp review below the photos we took 😉

(Disclaimer: not all the rafts and floating devices are owned and operated by TRRC, only the ones with the Orange Paddles!)

More images -> Truckee River Rafting

Yelp Review -> Yelp Review by John B


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