WFW – Yosemite Falls – 5/2016

It has been suggested that I blog about my experiences learning photography but it’s a little embarrassing. I have what they now call OCD and I have a very vivid imagination. If you were to go back and look at the back of my elementary school report cards I think every teacher mentioned it (but back then the only cure was a long needle up the right nostril   So I have a hard time reading, as soon as I start reading a paragraph I seldom get past the first sentence before my mind is off running in “day dream” world. That is why I am a trial and error person. I learn faster and retain more by doing and failing. My daughter Lindsey took me on a trip to Yosemite last May, I rented a Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 for the trip but at the time I was enthralled with the wide open 2.8 and I overexposed almost everything. I have since learned to go to f/14 or smaller when the bright sky is in the shot but I have also been using ISO 800-2000 while in the shadows. The Nikkon 24-70 lens is an amazing lens and I almost wish I hadn’t rented it, $1,200 for a lens for a hobbyist? I’ll go back to my Etch-A-Sketch

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