Bucket List – Graeagle, Ca.

Before we moved to the pine trees and Grass Valley I remember looking at a map of this section of California. Living in the SF East Bay it was super easy to just go directly East when heading to the mountains which meant the area above the “Mother Lode”, highways 50, 88, 4, 120 & 108 and I really had not been North of Interstate 80.

I had never been to Grass Valley until two years before we moved here but on the map all I could see was a huge swath of area to be explored.

On most blog posts I blog about places I’ve gone to and the people I have met, in this one I want to talk about some places I  have not been to yet but definitely intend on going.

It’s amazing how many people I have met on Instagram. Instagram is so much better than Facebook, there’s no anger there. IMHO.

Anyway, I saw this adorable photo and I contacted the owner of this private page to see if I could use it. 

Meet Hailee Lynn. Her Instagram caption reads, ” Our Wild One”.

Hailee’s Mom said they got Hailee’s shirt from a local gift & home store named Feathers, love it.

Greeagle has been in the back of my mind since we lived in Livermore, Ca. Our across the street neighbors had a second home in Graeagle, the lady was originally from Quincy, both are places I have not been to yet along with Lake Amanor.

Feathers Gift & Home Graeagle, Ca.

I’ve been as close as Gold Lake a few times but always ended up turning around. One day I just might have to do one of my famous marathon drives and go visit Graeagle, Quincy and Lake Almanor. (I’m looking into getting either a cabover camper for my pickup or a van then I can explore for ever more).

I’ve gone completely around this area. I’ve been on highway 395, been through Susanville, the back side of Lassen all the way to McCloud and I have to say this area has a beauty all of its own. I see on the map the middle fork of the Feather river starts here, I’m going to have to check that out and when I go I think I’ll hit up a local favorite burger restaurant called Bread & Butter ( Bread & Butter is a local stationary food truck in Blairsden, CA.)

Photos: Hailee courtesy Jessica Henschel
Feathers & Bread & Butter from their own websites
Street View & satellite views – Google Maps

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  1. Aww, thank you so much for the love in your blog. We hope that you will someday come visit our neck of the woods. It truly is magical✨

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