Sierra Plumbing Grass Valley

Sierra Plumbing Grass Valley, CA

Part of the reason I started this website and the Facebook group page is to help be a “word of mouth” for the foothill and mountain areas. Yelp, Angie’s list, Craigslist, ..they really don’t work up here. What really works in the Grass Valley area is “the good ole boy system” and just word of mouth. There are not a lot of craftspeople or small businesses that have their own websites and that is why we are here. Not just for them but for the people who need help.

We had a hot water heater go out one day last November, it was spewing hot water out the top. I closed the water valve but it didn’t close down all the way so I had to close off the water at the main valve, (now there’s no water to the entire house). Being from the Bay Area, the first thing I did was to look up plumbers in the Yellow pages and on Yelp. Realizing I wasn’t going to get the best craftsperson, I sat for a minute and gave it a thought. “AH”, I said to myself as the light bulb came on above my head, Sierra Plumbing!

Sierra Plumbing is our local plumbing supply store. I called and asked if they were allowed to give out recommendations for a plumber, the gentleman said, “yes, hold on and I’ll get my list”. He came back and offered up 7 names and numbers, I tried to stop him at 4 but he advised me that I had better take all 7 and I did. When I started calling around I figured out why I needed all 7,…because they were all out working and I had to leave 7 messages.

About 40 minutes later I received a call back, turned out this plumber happened to go into Sierra Plumbing and they told him there was a guy looking for a plumber and that’s why he called. He asked me about the hot water heater, came out within 30 minutes, went back to get a new water heater when we determined it was needed and had it replaced along with a bunch of “jenky” plumbing in three hours. (with a retired guy talking his ear off the entire time)

Ten bucks says that was faster than anywhere covered by Yelp or Angie’s list 😉

Anyway, if you are in the Grass Valley area and are in need of a plumber or plumbing supplies. Here is 49er Plumbing’s business card and the link to Sierra Plumbing.

If you have had a good experience with anyone and you are in a foothill, forest or mountain area of California and you would like to give them a shout out, please go to the bottom of the page and contact us or simply email us at Thank you.

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