A very dangerous shot….. ;)

Let me set the scene. I am taking a short break from cutting down 5 dead medium to small sized oak trees having a glass of water in our breezeway. Arlene is out back using the blower just after completely vacuuming the entire house. I look at our red Japanese maple out in front and the sun, being filtered by some light clouds and a couple of pine trees, is lighting up the maple like I’ve never seen before. Now,… the camera is deep inside a freshly vacuumed house and I have a covering of saw dust nearly from head to toe. I have no time to brush off….what should I do? Well,.. I lightly run inside like a cat burglar, (no, not so Arlene doesn’t hear me but to not knock off as much dust as I can  ;), grab the camera and run back out. I was still too late to get that perfectly filtered shot but I got this one anyhow. (Keep this between us,….I’ll vacuum again tomorrow..;)


photo by GCP

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