Bear encounters

Well, Momma bear was very busy last night, three of our neighbors garbage containers knocked over. We’ve been here 5 years now and we’ve only heard of these phantom bears and occasionally seeing bear scat but now in less than a week we have been visited by a family of 5. It’s all good and cute until it’s not. It’s the time of year when bears load up for Winter but that doesn’t mean you need to make it easy for them. We have two huge fig trees which is a huge treat for all of the animals, fortunately the fruit is all but gone. The garbage is left out by neighbors because bears are not normally an issue but bears are smart too. They remember where the food is and what kind of containers have food in them. We put our containers in the garage during these times but still have to put them out the night before garbage day. It’s really more a nuisance than a problem but it heightens the possibilities of problems.

Cornering a bear with no escape route can be a problem. Momma and her three cubs, everyone knows not to get anywhere near Momma or her cubs right? For me it’s like protecting your home from burglars, if they really want in they are going to get in, you just want to make it harder than the others do. In any case, our awareness of our surroundings is at DEFCON 4…;)

“Black bears are some of the most awe inspiring creatures in the Sierra Nevada, and seeing one in the wild is an experience to cherish. While they do not pose the same threat to people as their larger cousin the grizzly, they still must be treated with great respect and caution.” –


Photo by GCP – This morning there is a pile of garbage exactly where Momma is standing, her dinning room seems to have a nice view…;)

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