Bob Ogden Photography – Nevada County

Bob is another wonderful photographer residing in Nevada County. Below are two examples of his work, to see more go to –


Miners Cottage, Malakoff Diggins State Park 

“In 1851, three gold prospectors discovered a rich gravel deposit in a nearby stream. In need of supplies, one of the miners was sent to town with instructions not to divulge their location. After imbibing at a local saloon, he boasted of a great find and upon returning from Nevada City, was secretly followed by nearly 100 prospectors. Despite their efforts, they did not find their fortunes and left the area calling the creek a “Humbug.” A few miners stayed and called the new mining camp “Humbug City.” for more –

Del Oro Theater
A fine mixture of the old and the new topped with an art deco neon spire

“Construction on Del Oro Theater started in 1941 with its Grand Opening Premiere on May 29, 1942. Built as a single-screen movie house and adorned with classic Art Deco/Moderne style architecture, the Del Oro represents an unforgettable slice in time, and despite renovation, signs of that faraway time are still very present, as well as the ghost stories and underground passageways that accompany such pockets in history” for more –

Photo’s property of Bob Ogden –

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