Casper Dogs!

For whatever reason, Arlene and I started duplicating fast food at home. It started on taco Tuesday when Arlene made tacos with all the trimmings but I only put meat, cheese and lettuce with hot sauce on mine just like a Taco Bell regular crunchy taco. From that came different fast food burgers, favorite pizza parlor pizzas and probably our favorite, Caspers Hot Dogs.

Growing up in the East Bay Area, I didn’t realize that there where things specific to that area, one of them was Wright’s Pink Popcorn, (which Arlene has also recreated), the other was Casper Dogs. My Mother took me to one of the original Casper Dog places when I was very young and I have to admit, it was almost traumatic. There should be a Warning sign about biting into a skin covered hot-dog for the first time! Now though, it is one of our favorites to duplicate.

All you need are authentic Casper Dogs, (our Safeway carries them), long soft buns, tomato slices, onions, dill relish and mustard, (salt to taste). The photos below are of an original Casper Dog and of the first Caspers I ever went to around 1960, shockingly, it’s still in operation at the same location, in the same exact building that I remember……..Biting….through the skin…..of that awful thing…..;)

Caspers-c508e011Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.17.42 AM

Photo of Casper Dog from –

Photo of Caspers in Hayward, Ca. from – Google street view

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