Collective Soul – Shine – 1994

I am not a pop music person but I am also not an obscure music person, pre-pop is what I would call the music I enjoy. I liked the Doobie Brothers before they went pop with Michael McDonald, I enjoyed Journey before they went pop with Steve Perry. I liked a cross between rock & country, I guess because it had a beat and a story.

The music I enjoyed in the 70’s went away with Disco, English punk, New Wave and (cough, gag) Glam Rock in the 80’s. The 90’s however brought us back to realism in music, it may have sounded negative and suicidal next to all that came before it but…you would be too if you lived in Seattle 😉

Anyway, I enjoyed Nirvana and Alice in Chains and the bands that followed all the way through the 90’s. Here is a video from the band Collective Soul who started out in the early 90’s and made several comebacks, this was their first hit “Shine” from 1994.

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