County of the Month – Nevada County

The Nevada County seat is Nevada City, the photo below is of the Nevada County Courthouse in Nevada City. Originally built in the mid 1800’s, destroyed by fire, rebuilt and remodeled in the 1930’s with this art-deco look it has still today. Ever notice that Nevada County California is in the shape of a handgun?….

“Local Folklore and Legends

How Nevada Stole Our Name
When created during the Gold Rush, Nevada City was the first to use the word “Nevada” in its title. This was a homage to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains dotting the landscape. In 1851, the newly formed county adopted the name. The territory (and later state) of Nevada used the name 10 years later in 1861.

Shape of Nevada County
Ever noticed how the county looks like a gun? Legend has it that when Nevada took the name of our county, the county government bought up the remaining land to make it look as though a gun was pointed at Nevada’s new capitol, Carson City.” – 

Photo below by Robin Mayoff –

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