Crawdad Republic – Before 5

We always refer to Crawdad Republic as “our boys”, that’s because we have known them all for so long. The bass player is actually our son Dusty. He and the keyboard player Doug went to the same high school in Livermore, Ca. but were in different bands together. John on guitar and Brandon on banjo went to a cross town high school and were in a high school band along with our Son in-law Chad. The gentleman on mandolin arrived shortly after a dull light appeared in the sky (I kid Dave, right Dave? ;). They all started off in high school playing in rock and punk bands and now with carreer jobs they do this as a fun side line. They have played the 100th marine Corps Anniversary Ball on the USS Hornet, they were hired to play for Google, last year they went on a three city tour in Alaska but you will normally find them playing in Livermore and for the Pleasanton downtown association.

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