Definition of the word “WUSS”



A weak or ineffectual person (often used as a general term of abuse):
‘we are not just a group of shallow wusses’
‘what a snivelling wuss!

wuss out
Fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence:
‘she’ll probably wuss out because she fears my mighty bowling prowess’ –

In my case it has to do with my legs being cold. Growing up in the East Bay Area where the temperature averages 55 in the coldest Months and 73 for the warmest Months, it’s hard dealing with any temperatures outside that range. Living in Livermore, Ca for 25 years the weather was a little closer to here in Grass Valley except it was a little hotter in the summer and not quite as cold in the Winter. The weird thing about the cold here in Grass Valley is that the day before it’s going to be cold is colder than the cold day, simply because the cold is moving in. Also, once there is a layer of snow on the summit, the cold from that migrates down the hill. In any case, I have learned to take this simple precaution during the Winter Months and if that makes me a “Wuss” well than I’m at least a warm one…;)



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  1. I am with you on this! The cold here is very different than what I am used to. There is virtually no water in the air and so to me, it is a “thin” cold. It pierces you if you aren’t careful. I’ve got good base layers. Those flannel jeans look mighty good!

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