Find something that works and stick with it ;)

I am a “Git-er-Done”, “what-ever-works” type of person. Change is fine but if I find something that works I generally stick with it. In the mid-90’s I heard someone talking about a new toothbrush they bought and that they really loved and it ended in the word Sonic. Well, I have never had the best checkups so I did a little research and decided to purchase one for myself. IMHO, (In My Honest Opinion), they do a fantastic job, much better than I had done with a manual brush but still there are some drawbacks.

First is the price of the replacement heads. I will always try generic if the price seems to be OUTRAGEOUS but sometimes generic just doesn’t work, (three blade razor blades for example do more pulling than shaving). I have found the generic sonic replacement heads to work quite well. The other problem I have is remembering when to replace them. They have a colored portion which wears away in time but I think it wears away too soon so generally I will change the brush head out when I cannot remember the last time I changed it. I went through 32 of them last week 😉

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