First Rains

Growing up and raising our family in the Bay Area all the first rains meant was that you might get wet. Before going outside you had to find a jacket or an umbrella, (for the ladies), which now meant that you were late for work so you had to drive crazier than normal, (Just in case you have always wondered why people drive crazy in the rain).

After there were a few wrecks on each freeway the news would say, “Slow down out there, the roads are at their slickest during the first rains” and they had to do this each and every year.

Here in the foothills and mountains people still drive crazy but the first rains have more meaning than just slick roads, here they mean the end of fire season. It seems we have replaced the Summer Season with Fire Season. From the first fire in California around late June up until the first rains in late October or early November, we all play Russian Roulette with wildfires.

It’s not just California though, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Canada, Australia. Colorado has had a terrible time. Losing home owners insurance is one thing we all deal with here that the Bay Area doesn’t but it’s something else we have learned to live with.

Some move, some threaten to move, we moved after losing our homeowner’s insurance but to another place here near Grass Valley.

We have four Seasons here in the Sierra. We have six Months of Winter, two weeks of Spring, five Months of Summer and two weeks of Fall, (I call fall and Spring “Practice Winter & Practice Summer”). 

Still, I think like most of us here I have waited all Summer for the first rains to fall, heck just the sight of a cloud now and then would be nice during the Summer Months. Anyway, the first rains have fallin and the temperatures have dropped.

We have the fireplace stoked and the heater filter changed. Now the only questions is, “How much snow do you think we’ll get this year?”

The pine trees called to us when we lived in the Bay Area. There was something about being inside the tree line which made it the only place in the World we wanted to live.

If Summer is now Fire Season, then like those who grew up here, I guess we’ll just have to take the bad with the good. Besides like Arlene says, “I’m not moving again”.

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