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In 1978, our country’s 39th President, Jimmy Carter, signed H.R. 1337 which effectively legalized homebrewing nationwide.

Not only were Micro/Craft breweries starting to appear in the early 80’s, home brew stores started to pop up. You could buy a home brewing kit, different syrups, hops and in about 6 weeks later you would have two and a half cases of the worst tasting stuff you have ever tasted.

My friend Scott and I took up the hobby around 1985. We bought the kit and cooked the wort and strained the hops, fermented and bottled the beer. We took it all very seriously. Scott still has the journal we used to describe the ingredients, the recipes, the directions and finally …the taste.

In the early days people were bottling their beer in anything they could, old 40oz bottles, mason jars, etc..We chose to use rented Budweiser long neck bottles. We removed the labels, created our own, disinfected the bottles in the dishwasher and bought a bottle capper.

We made several batches together before I sold my half of the brewery. I had a neighbor try one, (this guy drank Hamm’s beer, blahhh, on a regular basis) he spit our beer out in the street in front of me. We took that same beer to a home brew club meeting in a craft brewery in Berkeley and it was a hit with them 😉

( ^ These are from two different batches, 1 & 5 from 1985 & 6. Never opened. BS is a combination of our initials, I drew the bull and added the “made from the finest ingredients…”. We burnt the edges of the original labels and then made copies)

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  1. John,

    I need to get you together with my husband, who is a home brewer too. He started similarly to you but put it down when he couldn’t really get the kitchen clean the way he wanted. (Plus the work thing cramped up his time.) He does it now out in the shed that he had built which we call “Shedquarters.” He has come a long way, baby!

    1. I gave up back in the 80’s. I still do not care for IPA’s and over hoppy beer. Actually I rarely drink beer at all anymore not that I’m wineing 😉

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