How about a change of pace day?

We could not possibly post every photo and/or video showing flooding right now. Last night I saw that a dam had failed in Elko, Nevada and water was spilling into Utah :O. There is flooding on nearly every river in California, flooding in places like Susanville, South Lake Tahoe not to mention the levies breaking in the valley and all that’s going on with Lake Oroville.

The entire Western U.S. seems to be involved right down to every last person. Pot holes on your commute, lane closures, traffic accidents up the ying yang. Power outages, trees falling not to mention the landslides and with all the rain I think every one of us wants to say, “That’s ENOUGH!” but none of us can in all good consciousness because we all wanted the drought to come to an end.

It seems super comical now to look out at all of our make shift water storage containers overflowing with water but I hope that alone will stay with us to remind us that just because we have had this drought curing Winter, we do not go back to wasting this precious gift. Sure there are things we can now forgo like, soaping up for a shower only to rinse off with an eye-dropper 😉




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