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Trying too remove tree sap, depending upon what it is stuck to can be hard!

At this time of year, working with trees and greens for holiday arrangements, hauling wood, or setting up the yearly Christmas tree, you can end up with sap stuck just about anywhere.

The good new is that even though each type of tree has a different type of sap, they all have similar properties, and there are multiple safe ways to get rid of it.

Here are some quick tips to get rid of the sticky stuff from your hands, hair, clothes, and car:

How To Remove Tree Sap From Your Hands:

1. Mayonnaise
Simply rub mayonnaise on your hands and then wash it off with warm soap and water.

2. Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner
Grab an old rag or a paper towel and pour some of the mineral sprits or paint thinner onto the rag. Hold it against the sap for a moment, then dab and rub gently, turning the rag as you go to wipe the sap off. Then wash your hands well with soap and warm water

Remove Tree Sap From Your Hair:

The key to getting rid of tree sap from your hair is to get it while it’s fresh. As the sap hardens, it become increasingly difficult to get it out.

Also, it’s important to let anything that is applied to the hair “sit” for an extended period of time. The longer that a product is applied to the sap, the better the chances will be of removing it.

1. All-natural peanut butter
Oilier peanut butters tend to work better. Cover the area fully. Using a hair dryer or other heating device, apply warm heat to the peanut butter until it begins to soften. Then, using a straight-toothed comb, pull the softened peanut butter through the hair. Rinse out with hot water.

2. Mayonnaise, Crisco, or other shortenings
The oils in the mayonnaise help to break down the sap’s hard consistency, making it easier to remove. Allow the mayonnaise to sit on the area for several minutes, then rinse.

3. Pure soaps, such as Ivory
Work the area into a rich lather, rinse with warm water, and repeat until the sap has been removed.

4. Baking soda
Apply the baking soda to a warm, damp rag and rub the affected area vigorously until the sap dissolves.

5. Pine oil can dramatically cut tree sap
This product can usually be found at natural food stores, homeopathy stores, or herbal retailers.

6. Any grease-cutting dish detergents will also do the trick

Remove Tree Sap From Your Clothing:

1. Hand sanitizer
This works really well and in just a matter of minutes! All you need to do is simply squeeze it onto the area, and start to rub. If it is really stubborn, you can scratch at it with your fingernail, but in most cases this won’t be necessary. Be sure to apply enough, so don’t be stingy, your clothes are at risk here. Works well on on fleece, polyester, cotton, just about everything except silk, or leather, so be careful.

2. For leather (Jackets, skirts, motorcycle seats) its still fairly easy, just use a little peanut butter (do NOT use chunky). Rub it into the leather. Don’t be afraid of rubbing this in, the oil will also act a bit like a conditioner for the leather. You will notice within minutes, the tree sap will be gone! Now take some warm soapy water and wash the peanut butter off.

3. Plumbers hand cleaner
Removes dried tree sap from clothing in snap.

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