How to Sharpen and Reuse Your Razor Blades for Years

I have been using a Mach III since they were invented. Now, I am old enough to remember using a “safety razor” with the single edge blade and trust me, these multi blade razors are WAY better ( I also do not use any shaving cream, just water). Anyway, as everyone knows, the replacement blades are super expensive. I am a huge fan of generic if I can make it work but recently the generic Mach III’s do more pulling than cutting right out of the box so I had to give them up. I found this video below a few years ago and I have been using the same method on the name brand but I in no way get 22 Months out of a single cartridge.  I do believe however, that the method below will extend the life of the blade,… me 😉

ps- I use my upper arm


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