Jack Trout Fly fishing, Mt. Shasta

A buddy took me on a Jack Trout Guided Fly Fishing trip in the Mt Shasta area about three years ago, it was a great trip! Jack is a good guy with a good sense of humor but his only real priority is his customers catching fish and having a great time doing it. We waded through the McCloud river, we hiked up and down some mountain goat trails to get underneath a couple of waterfalls and we also floated the Sacramento river. The fishing was poor and the waters were low because of the drought but Jack kept it interesting the entire time, it was a great trip! If you’ve never gone on a guided fly fishing trip or even if you have, go see Jack Trout in Mt.Shasta! Jack has guided trips all over the world! Go to his link here to check it out! http://www.jacktrout.com


Photo by Gold Country Photography


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