Jude Bischoff – Fine Artist – Cedar Ridge, Ca



Sculpture – Knetic Bear

Jude Bischoff and Master Craftsman Peter Shapiro teamed up to create a series of sculptures based on Jude’s paintings. 

Jude Bischoff Biography

Every day is a blessing to me as an artist. I cannot wait to get into the studio or outdoors and get going on the next painting.   I believe my responsibility as an artist is to create vitality and delight.   When my love and joy for the content and the moment go into a painting, and that work is seen in a gallery or brought into collector’s home, the same feeling radiates off the wall and creates a pleasurable charge in the whole environment.The rhythms found in nature, the same rhythms found in music, flow off my brush and onto the canvas.  When I hear the rushing stream, the song of the birds, and the wind billowing my canvas, I feel a direct connection to the driving force of the universe, both seen and unseen.   I paint from my heart, there are no preliminary drawings or idea sketches. In fact, when I decided to attend a formal life drawing session last year, I discovered I did not own a drawing pencil.  My work only progresses naturally, confidently using the brush to draw my painting.

Painting a landscape while sitting in it or meeting a wild animal unexpectedly gives me a tremendous sense of connection with the subject.   Painting on site and sharing the moment, however briefly, and capturing the flow of a place, elevates the energy of the painting tenfold, because that moment of connection lives in me long after it’s over.  These sensory experiences dance across my paintings with purpose and life force.  Harnessing life’s beautiful wildness with vision and insight delivers the viewer of my paintings a world of joy, rhythm and unbridled aliveness.

I received my formal art degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Since then, I’ve spent a lifetime blending my love for the craft of painting and my love for nature.

My work hangs in collections across the country.  I am represented in Truckee CA. by Spirit Gallery,  South Lake Tahoe by Pacific Crest Gallery and Jackson Hole Wyoming by Grand Teton Gallery, District Gallery in Park City UT. and Incredible Artists in Palm Springs, CA .  Please visit my web site at www.judebischoff.com

Flow Series – The Visitor


Landscapes – Cedar Creek Grist Mill


Portraits -Tuesday Night Jam


Sculpture – Modern Donkey

Jude Bischoff teamed up with Master Craftsman Peter Shapiro to creat this Donkey based on Jude’s paintings.  This started as a raw log our friend John Fisher pulled out of a creek with his tractor.

For these and to see more of Jude’s work, go to his website here – http://www.judebischoff.com


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