Just added to the Sidebar – Fun Facts – Doodl and Lake Fishing Game

Yes, just what you have been waiting for Immeasurable Entertainment!

FUN FACTS – A new fun fact will appear every time you appear. They come randomly from a pretty long list. I can add as many as I want (I already added about twenty fun facts about California) but hit me up if you have some to add 😉

Doodl – Is just that, a place to be artistic. You can save your work and the last one saved will remain on the sidebar (after admin approval of course 😉


Lake Fishing Game – (I cannot stop the music from Auto-Playing but it doesn’t play long). I tried this and did better than I normally do, I think I need to try a different bait though, I have no idea what kind of fish those were 😉


Anyway, give them a try, let me know what you think of them….or not 😉


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