Just lost our first SD memory card ;(

No, not from one of our cameras but from our “Spypoint” infrared game camera which we use to video all the wildlife we have. I noticed this morning that the bear or bears made a visit last night (which was garbage night) with scattered garbage near garbage cans on three of our neighborhood’s roads. I went to crab the SD card out of the spypoint and the screen didn’t show anything, (usually it will show a number of how many video’s were recorded), took the card to the computer and the computer didn’t see anything, no card at all. While I restarted the computer I put the card in one of our cameras and it also didn’t recognize the card but gave me a “card err” message. Well I tried a few things and watched a few videos on the subject and determined that the card was lost. Anyway, if you have ever had a problem with a memory card here is a pretty good video to see if you can recover it (didn’t work for me though….;).


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