Leslee Mitchell Art

I have just found my all time favorite photographer/designer/artist!! I am old enough to remember before Hot Wheels toy cars were invented and every kid my age all had Matchbox. You had a whole town of cars, police car, taxi, Plymouth Valiant and the car that got the most use,….the ambulance! Well, we just met Leslee Mitchell and when you go to her website you will see why I spend more time there than watching the Old Faithful Live Webcam  😉



You probably know her from her colorful Matchbox car prints, but let us talk a minute about all the ways we love all of photographer Leslee Mitchell’s work.

This Nashville native has an eye for all sorts of subjects—weddings to interiors—and an amazing ability to tackle it all. Keep reading for more on where she finds inspiration, her path to success, and how she handles her day-to-day creative hustle.

How would your friends describe you? Witty, hard-working, strong-willed and curly headed

What are your favorite things? Some of my favorite things are old cars, vintage Nikes, really beautiful light, and lipstick.

Where do you find inspiration? Interior design, fashion magazines, movie scenes, old black and white photos.


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