Antonio’s Custom Catering saves the day!

This last Saturday a wild fire started in Grass Valley which threatened going up into the Empire Mine State Park. The Park was evacuated along with several streets of residents. Grass Valley Fire & Calfire went on the attack which lead into a grove of dead trees just out side the park.

Empire Mine is known as a fantastic wedding venue and I asked them via Instagram if they had to evacuate a wedding and they replied with “empire.mine@forestlivingcalifornia The fire started before the wedding began. Thanks to Antonios Catering who helped them find a new venue at the last minute.”

Antonio’s custom Catering just happens to be our Caterer of the month, (see him in our magazine), Kudos to all those involved!

The fire was stopped short of the dead tree grove and no buildings were damaged and no one was hurt but we are thinking Antonio’s might have to change their name to Antonio’s Custom Catering and Emergency Venue Locator Services….;) ¬†ps- GREAT JOB GRASS VALLEY AND CAL FIRES!!!


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