Macro Photography Tips For Beginners – Michael The Maven

When I met Arlene WAY BACK in the 70’s, she was taking a photography class at Chabot College in Hayward, Ca.. A friend of her Dad’s, (A photographer for the Sacramento Bee), had given her his old Nikon F and F2 with a bunch of lenses and gave her a couple of tips and pointers about basic photography. She absolutely loves Macro (close up) photography of flowers, insects, water drops and she also loves black & white.

I bought her one of the latest and greatest Nikon’s a couple of years ago , the Nikon D7200. It’s all so overwhelming what these camera computers can do so I bought a dvd from Michael the Maven specifically on the Nikon D7200. We found him to be very enjoyable to watch and learn from, he’s just so easy going. Here is a Youtube video of Michael the Maven with some tips on Macro photography, enjoy 😉


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