Meet traveling blogger Tasha Standridge

Tasha Standridge is a Certified Massage Therapist in Roseville, CA, who feels privileged to help her clients become free from stress and pain. As a life adventurer, she believes in engaging in the most robust experience she can, and to help those around her live life to their fullest potential, too. Learn more at her website.

The next issue of Forest Living California Magazine features a short story by Tasha, here is an excerpt.

” Going for a drive helps me clear my head. I may or may not have a planned destination; I might just go on a whim. I like to leave the music off, and commit my attention to the landscape whizzing by. I can feel the air pushing through the partially rolled-down window, and I listen to the sounds of my tires tracking the asphalt. The light seeping through the tree boughs sometimes blinds me, and warms the interior of my car. ”


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