Modern and Historic Nevada City – Nevada County

When you think of Nevada City you think of the historic downtown and about it’s gold mining history but do you realize it is also where some very high-tech companies call home?

Below is a photo of Broad Street, historic downtown Nevada City, taken by Robin Mayoff. Please go to Robin’s website to see all the wonderful photography! –

The video below Robin’s photo is the 2016 Broadcast video of Gyro-Stabilized Systems (GSS). GSS develops custom stabilized platforms for numerous applications. GSS also provides design services to seamlessly integrate new camera and sensor technologies into current platforms as they become available.

GSS is contracted with Paradigm SRP, LLC, and several other companies, to develop custom gyro-stabilized products for production, law enforcement, and military applications. –


GSS 2016 Cinema Reel from Gyro-Stabilized Systems on Vimeo.


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