North Los Angeles??

Just got back from a trip to the Bay Area or North Los Angeles. Unbelievable amount of traffic on Saturday. 80, 680, 580 & 84, we hit stop and go traffic on every one of these….multiple times! Where were all of these people going? There were no professional sports games, no concerts, it wasn’t black Friday, I didn’t hear about any hurricanes offshore…..

I guess if you are going to ask where all these people were going, first you have to ask why are you here. I didn’t see any accidents that would cause a bumper to bumper slow down but I did witness a driver in front of us crying, hitting the steering wheel, pretty much having a traffic break-down.

We take where we live for-granted, we may have an issue with a neighbor or a traffic issue with one car once in a great while but nothing and I mean NOTHING like those people deal with on a daily basis. Arriving home Sunday almost completely exhausted from the drive, it was so wonderful to get out of the car and hear the wind rustling through the pine trees and I swore I would never, NEVER complain about any traffic around here again….;)



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