Recycling bottles and cans

I don’t like saving bottles and cans,….I just don’t. Seems like all our neighbors say the same thing, “ya, but it puts a couple of dollars in your pocket”. Okay, so we save plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. After about a year and a half we have a total of 1 1/2 regular size garbage cans full of equal amounts of each. So the other day I sorted them out and today I took them to the only “buy back” place left in Nevada County that I know of, the McCourtney Transfer Station or simply,….the dumps.

I arrived first thing this morning, ten o’clock (retired guy humor) and I was about ten vehicles back from the dump guy who checks your license and your load. It only took about 15 minutes to get to “the guy” but it took another 50 minutes to be first at the buy back station. Half a can of cans, half a can of plastic and half a can of glass later,…….$14.93. (I believe that’s enough for two Jumbo Jacks and curly fries but whatever, at least they are FREE 😉

I left a little after 11 am. The line was now out the drive way, down Wolf Mountain Rd and about 6 vehicles back down McCourtney or about 30 cars further than I was. The “dump guy” told me that the County had shut down all the other locations that’s why there were so many vehicles. I’m thinking there must have been a two hour wait when I left. Now, I might be retired but two hours for $14.93! I don’t even eat Jack  😉

I took the photo below about three cars back from being on-deck. McCourtney Rd transfer station has one of the better views around even though this photo is not (I had ran out of people to text and things to look up on the internet so I was bored and I took it anyway)…..$14.93…..sheesh

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