Why slippers were invented…

This little guy was on our bathroom floor soon after we moved here. Although not very dangerous (we think) it will make you think twice about walking around bare foot at night….;)


Scorpions are nocturnal, predatory animals that feed on a variety of insects, spiders, centipedes, and other scorpions. Large scorpions occasionally feed on vertebrates such as small lizards, snakes, and mice. Most scorpions live in warm, dry climates, and many of the species found in North America occur in Arizona, adjacent areas of California, and parts of New Mexico. Of the 70 or so species found in North America, only one, the bark scorpion, Centruroides exilicauda (formerly C. sculpturatus), is considered dangerous to people. – From


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  1. And the dangerous one is the one that showed up at your house? Of course! We have them here too. They sting don’t they? My husband really dislikes them quite a bit:)

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