Squirrel Creek Disc Golf Course, Condon Park, Grass Valley

Disc golf seems hard enough, so why would you ever want to add in hundreds of pine trees and rows of ten foot tall manzanita,….not to mention a creek?? Well, these things I just mentioned combine to make Squirrel Creek DGC one of the prettiest places to play disc golf. If you have never gone but you have thrown a “frisbee” sometime in your life, go get a couple of discs, (yes, they are different than Frisbees), and head over to a course near you. Most courses are free to play!

Squirrel Creek has three different hole placements per hole, as you can see, you are probably better off laying up on hole 14 in this placement…;)

DSC_2628 (1)-1 copy

Photo by Gold Country Photography


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