Welcome to Grass Valley or as we like to call it….

The Seattle of the Sierra ;). You’ll be interested to find out that Grass Valley actually gets more annual rainfall than Seattle, quite a bit more. The storms come streaming across the lower Western coast and stop at the Sierra Nevada. Where the valley gets breaks in-between storms, we here in the Grass Valley area get continuous rain. Don’t get me wrong, we love the rain and the more the merrier (unless there is flooding) but it is just another difference between living in the Bay Area and living in the Western Sierra 😉

2 Replies to “Welcome to Grass Valley or as we like to call it….”

  1. John-

    It does seem to me that every time we watch the weather forecast and it is raining, Grass Valley and the surrounding areas seem to be right in the path of things. Build the ark now!

    Stay dry!

    1. Yes but I will take it. It’s nice seeing these tall pines all green and it will really help with the summer’s fire danger 😉

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